The brain is the hardware of our body which controls all our body and mind actions. If damage or dysfunction of any part of the body will manifest different types of symptoms. These symptoms may be usual and minor or may be severe and easily recognizable. So knowing these symptoms will help to understand when you have to rush for consultation or in the emergency room. 

Weakness/numbness of body parts:  

When a person develops weakness /numbness of one side of the body or weakness of the Face along with changes in speech, suggests that person mostly develops a stroke and has to go immediately to the emergency room for proper treatment to prevent severe disability in future. If weakness develops over a period of time that can be anything from a lesion brain, spinal cord, nerves or muscle. This problem can manage over OPD but need a consultation and proper diagnosis. 


Headache is very common and most of the person gets a headache once in a lifetime. But severe/intense, sudden onset, pulsatile, get worse with lying down, associated with fever, convulsion, and vision problem may need to consult a doctor immediately and requires treatment to avoid major complications. 


If a person becomes unconscious, it is always necessary to consult in an emergency. Unconsciousness can happen due to stroke, intracranial hemorrhage, reduced blood flow in the brain, cardiac problems like heart attack, and abnormal cardiac rhythm, may be other causes due to low blood pressure. Need proper diagnosis and further treatment. 


Convulsion means, “khench, vai” etc. If a person has a convulsion, he/she requires treatment for that and also needs to find out the cause of that convulsion. Because many convulsions may not require long-term treatment.  


If a person is not able to walk properly, he/she may injured self-due to a fall or accident. So whenever a person is not able to walk properly or feels an imbalance while walking needs evaluation. It may be due to brain stroke, spinal cord problems, Neuropathy or muscle problem, vitamin B12 or Vit E problem also. It may be due to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinsonism or ataxia. Whatever the reason, if we treat on time person get benefit from those. 

There are many more problems which require diagnosis and proper treatment to improve the overall quality of life of a patient. If you are not able to judge the problem at any point in time it’s better to best consult neurologist doctor.