All of us would have suffered from headache at one time or another. Migraine is the most common cause of headache, for which a person seeks medical advice. It is episodic in nature, commonly unilateral and mostly pulsating or throbbing in character.

Summer is the season of school vacation, lazy -sleepy mornings and fun; since our childhood. But for the migraine sufferers, it may be the time of frequent, agonising headache days.

There are various scientific reasons of high incidence of migraine attacks in the summer. One  study showed that a 9 degrees Fahrenheit increase in temperature  correlated with a 7.5 % increase in the likelihood of a migraine attack.(Boston, USA) Sometimes, it is the brightness of the summer sun; that may bring the worse of headache. Third reason, not very obvious, is the changes in the schedule; probably because of outings and/or vacations.







Let’s discuss some tips to reduce migraine attacks in the summer:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids: Stay hydrated. Don’t forget that your daily requirement of fluid increases to 1.3-1.5 fold in these months, especially in tropical countries like India.
  2. Cap/Hat and sunglasses are essential for your migraine prevention. Protect your eyes from direct sunlight.
  3. Stick to your routine. Change of food and sleep schedules are very common in this vacation period. Avoid irregularities.
  4. Avoid extreme sudden changes in weather and temperature. Going out in the 40 degree celsius right from your chilling AC chamber is not advisable. If possible, complete your assignments/shopping/work in the morning or late evening hours.
  5. Scents and strong perfumes may trigger migraine in susceptible individulas.
  6. Medicines may loose potency, if exposed to sun and heat.
  7. Plan your holidays. Even you want to be with your friends or family, avoid activities that may bring you headache.

We can’t do everything right every time. But let’s make one step at a time to reduced the severity and frequency of migraine. Consult your doctor, if headaches are frequent and with vomiting.

Take care….