“That’s your best friend and your worst enemy – your own brain.” -Fred Durst

When we usually talk about fitness, we talk about walking, cycling, gym, even marathons, but have we ever discussed our brain fitness? We should!

Our brain is very critical “instrument” in every area of our life, be it work, play, enjoyment, fear, learning, memory and all. Ask yourself: What have we done so far to improve our “brain” performance? You don’t have to “work” hard, It is simple.

There are some simpler ways to achieve more. Recent research suggests that relatively simple lifestyle choices can maintain and improve our brain health.

Few simple tips for healthy & “healthier” brain:

  1. Stay physically active.

Not only our body, but brain also needs regular physical activity. It is a valuable part of overall body wellness plan. On a long run, regular exercise and activity is associated with a lower risk of cognitive decline. Try to exercise 30 minutes, at least 5 days a week.

  1. Adopt a healthy diet.

Food is not only the gate to heart, but also to “brain”. Diet low in fat and rich in vegetables and fruit help to keep brain better.

  1. Stay mentally active.

“Use it or lose it” is the slogan. Learn new language. Play Sudoku. Solve crosswords. Puzzles are rewarding.

  1. Stay socially engaged.

Friends and family are key factors to happiness. So it may be true for the brain health as well. Experimental research in social studies proved that regular social activity promotes creation of new brain cells and supports brain repair.

  1. Proper sleep.

Sleep helps for memory consolidation, excretion of toxins and repair of neurons. So get yourself 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

  1. Avoid tobacco/alcohol.

Toxins accumulated over years can accelerate the degenerative process. No one needs to be told about risks associated with tobacco or alcohol, but start practicing the right thing today.

  1. Keep working as long as you as can and want to.

Keeping yourself busy in work; physical & mental; is good for your brain.

  1. Regular Meditation.

It’s “ME” time! Be with yourself. It may help to reduce stress; and stress is a “known” enemy of your brain.

Healthier brain = Healthier Life…

Stay positive.